Are you asking for permission to start a health-coaching program? Here is why you should stop

Investing in a health-coaching program may not seem ideal when you have tried every single coaching program on the planet and found that nothing worked for you. Maybe you have tried Weight Watcher’s. Maybe you have tried a 12-week program that included fitness and nutrition. Maybe you have tried a life-coaching program.   However when you left those programs you have felt completely bamboozled. You invested in those programs and saw absolutely no results.


Now you feel as though a program won’t work for you. Now you may not even trust yourself because the other programs didn’t work. You may feel tempted as many people are to consult with someone about your decision. Having a conversation with someone about a decision that you are in the process of making usually gives some sort of comfort. You feel as though you have made the right decision.


Someone has either encouraged you to join the program or discouraged you. Whether they are for or against the program you listen to them because you revert back to those memories of when you made an impulse decision or joined a program without asking all of the right questions. I have come across people who wanted to do a program, but had to ask their husband, their son, their relative, and/or their friends


However asking other people beside yourself can be putting your health at risk and keeping you from creating the life you deserved. Here are the reasons why:


Unimportant to them – usually the people asked are not into health coaching and do not know the importance of it. They do not know how it can actually change your life for the better. Some people that you may ask will have that mindset that all food is created equal and want you to “enjoy life” eating whatever you want. This is horrible advice. They also do not see why you should pay for health coaching because they have no knowledge of health and are unhealthy themselves. What you can do is ask the coach whose program you are interested certain questions. Ask them for more info. You should be able to schedule a consultation with that coach to go over your specific goals.


They are not you – they do not know how badly you may actually need the program. Only you know how stressed, anxious, overweight, and overall unhappy you are in life. Other people may not be aware of this and because they are unaware they may deter your happiness. Also, people may not know your blood levels. Your blood levels can be abnormal and because you decided not to do a program due to outside influences you put your health at risk


Assumptions – people assume that a coaching program just deals with weight loss, meal planning, and recipes. They may think it is ridiculous to do a 3-month or 6-month program solely based on assumptions. They may think it odd when you tell them the price is higher than $100, $500, or even $1000. Before I work with people they are fully aware that my program is a holistic health/life coaching program and they get WAY more than meal plans, recipes, weight loss plans, etc. However because people have their own experiences and limiting beliefs you might be told that this is not a good idea. When you talk to these people do they provide you with another solution to reach your goals? This is a question only you can answer


I completely get it – You have tried a bunch of programs and have seen no results. However there is a program for you. There are people who really care about your overall wellbeing, but it is completely up to you to make that decision. No one can make that choice for you.


What if you could actually feel amazing, get rid of stress, eat for good health, and create the life you love?  Would you do it? What if you NEVER had to diet again and could eat your food favorites in a healthier version? What if you could feel empowered once again and get rid of your unhealed traumas?


This is what a holistic health-coaching program does.


The people you are asking are not aware of the many benefits that a holistic health/life-coaching program can provide. It means nothing to them. I mean after all you did ask THEIR opinion. They do not know how important it is for you to feel great again so they are unaware of that and will tell you it is not a good idea. They assume that you will just get a meal plan and to them that is not important. However if you take the time to learn the program and meet the coach you will be able to make your own informed decision.


Are you ready to sign up for a holistic health-coaching program? Let me know in the comments!


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