How Can You Stay Active During A Busy Work Day

As a professional woman or an entrepreneur it can be easy to get bogged down with work. Let’s face it you have meetings, you have clients, and now that most people are home, you also have family duties. It can be extremely difficult to focus on your health and wellness. I completely get it. It can feel defeating when you make those brand new health goals to get that lean, fit body, all to realize that the day is over and you missed yet another day to workout.


Many women in the professional or entrepreneurial field like yourself have a tendency to put their health last because they just cannot seem to find the time in their schedule. This cycle continues for years and then the goals that were originally set are now forgotten. It is as if they have accepted that this is how their life is going to be. The business and/or workload now control their lives.



Now they feel drained and extremely low on energy because their work is their life and the needs of others take up most of their time. Here come the cups of endless coffee with packets of sugar because they are trying to keep up with the demands of their job and the demands of others who need them. Yes the work may be getting done, but their health is declining in the process and this is not good for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.


Can you relate to this?


The great news about this is that there are a few components that need to be in place so you can stay healthy and active during a busy day at work. It is completely achievable and you can implement it today. Here are a few elements that you can incorporate that will keep you alert, healthy, and active:


  1. Break Time Exercise

Whether you have 5 minutes in-between meetings or 60 minutes you can do a quick workout. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant like powerlifting or a crazy, intense workout. Although those are great, the focus with a busy workday should be on doing a quick movement. Set a timer and do either push ups, burpees, jump squats, and/or arm presses.



  1. Meal Prep

If your job stresses you out or you have had a busy day you may want to turn to those foods that give you that sugar rush. You might want to eat a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal, some Little Debbie’s brownies, Dunkin’ Donuts to make you feel happy. However if you know you have a sweet tooth and you know that you will give in to those junk foods and processed foods, meal prepping will prevent you from caving in. Take one day of the week to make you some nutrient-rich chocolate donuts, brownies, and/or energy balls. If you do not know how to make sweets healthier I can help you. Grab the Eat Stress Away Meal Plan HERE.



  1. Time Management

Each day create a “Things To Do” list of everything that you need to accomplish. It can be a short list or a longer list depending on the tasks at hand. Make sure you get the big tasks out of the way and go head first with what is the most time-consuming. Make sure that you are checking off everything that you accomplished to lessen overwhelm and so you can visually see that you have more time throughout the day to stay active. Write in your workout or meals on your “Things To Do” list as a reminder. Next to the workout you write, “Do these in-between” as a little reminder to get up and move in-between meetings, clients, and/or projects.


  1. Supplements

Taking supplements in addition to eating a plant-based healthy diet is crucial. While we know that there are vitamins and minerals in certain foods, overtime the soil has changed to where there is depletion of nutrients. Some supplementation is great for providing all of the benefits of the essential nutrients that you won’t otherwise get from food. I highly recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s supplements. I take his Women’s Daily to get my daily dose of vitamins and minerals in addition to eating a nutrient-rich diet. Supplements can increase your energy. Taking a good supplement that gives you more Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, + K can help you tremendously.


  1. Sleep

Check out my blog on Sleep and Weight Loss HERE for more info on how sleep can help you wake up active and energized the next day.


Remember to exercise in-between your meetings and/or tasks so you can capitalize on that time and never miss a workout again. Lean, healthy bodies are made during those work breaks. Prep your meals so you don’t want to grab that Little Debbie’s brownie with cottonseed oil, high-fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that will spike your blood sugar and put you at risk for auto-immune disorders. Plan ahead of time so you do not feel like you are constantly working and not making time for your self-care.


Time management is key in your health success and lowering your stress levels. Take the necessary supplements to keep you healthy and energized throughout the day so you are not falling asleep at your desk and feeling drained. Remember to journal before you sleep and digest everything that happened that day. Do not go to sleep with a cluttered brain. You have three minds: heart, brain, and gut. Clear them before bed and go to bed at least by 10 pm, but no later than 2 am. You will release the necessary hormones that regulate energy and mood.


Do you struggle with staying active throughout the day? Let me know in the comments!


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