Is It That You Can't Afford Health Coaching? OR Is Health Not A Priority?

When I hear "I can't afford holistic health coaching" I actually cringe...

Here's why: As a holistic health coach I know how important it is to not only eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle. If both those areas are lacking in any way I know DISEASE, DEATH, and/or extremely poor quality of life is inevitable




When I hear "I can't afford holistic health coaching" immediately I hear "I am not going to put myself first" AND "My health has to take a backseat". Let me tell you I have been there where I put my health on the back burner. Back when I was traveling and doing various speaking engagements I did not pay attention to my health as much. I knew my body needed rest. I knew my body wanted to eat certain foods, but I kept going against it, until ONE day it started to gradually shut down. My liver was damaged, my kidneys were not able to flush anything out, and because my body could not process protein, I started to smell like bleach.



I needed assistance to walk small distances. I had horrible edema, and was severely anemic. My hair wouldn't grow for three years and I was heavily overweight. This does NOT have to be you! You can start to make a change in your life. You really can! What really and truly stops people in their tracks from making that change in their health is their belief system. You believe that you are eating healthy because of what the masses are telling you is healthy so you portion size your meals. You make sure that animal flesh is the main part of your dish. You make sure that you are tracking calories or sticking with a fad diet, such as keto, paleo, IIFYM.



What if I told you that you did not have to portion size your meals, make animal flesh the main part of your dish, or diet?



Portion sizing is very restrictive and leads to binge eating. From experience you will gain the weight back because you are depriving yourself and focusing on macronutrients more than the micronutrients and nutrient density of food. Animal flesh has no nutritional value. It has no phytochemicals, antioxidants, and contains heterocyclic amines, which are a carcinogenic compound. Animal flesh of any kind whether that be chicken, beef, and/or fish raises your cholesterol levels, raises your risk of IGF-1, and contributes to cardiovascular disease.



Tracking your calories will not ensure that you will live a great quality of life. As a matter of fact when the nutrients are higher than the calories you don't have to worry about not losing weight. It is math. The equation H=N/C is the way to go when figuring out if you will lose weight. A tracker, such as MyFitnessPal, which I used has nothing to do with nutritional efficacy. People who do IIFYM (if it fits your macros) track their calories all the time. They eat things like donuts, pizza, whatever they want, and not the healthy versions of those foods like I recommend. The versions of those foods that they are choosing to eat are calorically dense, filled with empty calories, and NO nutrients. They are designed to break the body down.



Paleo + keto diets can absolutely help you lose weight, but at what cost? Do you want leaky gut? Triple bypass surgery? A heart transplant? These diets are not sustainable. They also do not contribute to healthy aging or better quality of life. Animal flesh has no antioxidants. Antioxidants contribute to reversing the aging process. This is why so many young people have brittle bones and osteoporosis so young because of inflammation and not getting the proper nutrients that will protect cellular integrity and function. Maybe some of you want to do this on your own? Many people love doing things on their own and trust me I know that feeling.


I have been working since I was 15, and actually age 7 if you count my entrepreneurial string business. However when it came to nutrition I struggled for three years. I wanted to lose weight so bad and just couldn't because I had no idea what I was doing. I was depressed, miserable sick AF, on all types of hormonal medication for endometriosis, and heavily overweight. I am no longer on those because I changed my nutrition. I am now in the 120s, which is optimal weight for my body, and I am not stressed, depressed, and/or miserable. I eat pizza, donuts, manicotti, burritos, salads, soups, and more the HEALTHY way AND lose weight WITHOUT dieting. You can have similar results. You can have better quality of life, and SO much more. I would LOVE to help you on that journey


Are you ready?

I have a couple slots open for 1:1 Nutritional Coaching. This is a 4-week program for $497 and is for people who want basic nutritional guidance and support from me.

What you'll get:

  1. 1:1 coaching
  2. Workouts
  3. Meal Plans
  4. Recipes
  5. Access to all of my trainings
  6. Access to self-help books
  7. Join a supportive community with myself and peers that ONLY love + cheer you on!
  8. Email access
  9. Worksheets
  10. Actionable items

Do you want in? Awesome! I first want to make sure that I know the best way to support you and help you with your goals so make sure you fill out the quick form below. Talk soon!





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