Is Social Isolation From COVID-19 Causing You Stress? [Ways To Cope]

It has been about 4 months since many people have been in social isolation.  With all of the news scares going around it is no surprise to see that many people have been social distancing out of sheer fear.  You see all of these statistics on the news about how many people are dying of COVID-19 and instantly the cortisol levels of the population arise.


I personally have not been social distancing and I also do not believe the statistics shown on the news.  However I can empathize deeply with people around the world who's mental health has been greatly impacted by this.  I feel for people who are unfamiliar with: medical research, how viruses work, nutrition to boost immunity, and the false news narratives designed to instill fear in people.


People are doing as they are told because they believe that the news and people in so-called power recommending social distancing have their best interest at heart.  I thought about social distancing in-depth.  I thought about the push for everyone to wear a mask in-depth and in my moment of reflection I was reminded of birth.  Yes!  I was reminded of birth!


Think about it...Most of us were birthed or born vaginally or by caesarian from our mother's womb.  For 9-10 months we were always with our mother.  We were very close to her.  Can you imagine if the Creator had it to where pregnancy happened outside of the womb and for 9-10 months you were connected to an umbilical cord 6-feet apart from your mother?


A special bond is created when the baby is inside the womb and can feel a sense of comfort. When babies are outside of the womb they are swaddled so they can feel as if they are inside their mother’s womb. This feels like a hug to them. With all of this social distancing and increased levels of social isolation many people are not touching and/or hugging each other.


Studies have shown that hugging decreases depression, lowers cortisol levels, and boosts serotonin. When people are isolated from one another this can cause psychiatric disorders, anxiety, epilepsy, and memory loss. The body enjoys being in homeostasis. It loves balance and was not designed to be in social isolation. I have culminated some expert tips and ways you can adopt into your everyday lifestyle that will get you out of social isolation and feeling balanced once again


Follow Your Intuition

Some people have been following the strict social distancing guidelines, but have seen a decline in their mental health. They have even separated themselves from their families. Have you been experiencing this as well? How does this make you feel? Do you check in with yourself? Your body has this innate spiritual ability to detect if something is wrong or right based on how you feel. If something feels off about you distancing yourself from the ones you love then connect with your loved ones


Boost Immunity

There is such a scare that the media has ignited in the minds, heart, and guts of many. People are forgetting and are unaware that this is a virus like other viruses. You are told to wear a mask, which studies have shown are ineffective in preventing COVID-19. When wearing a mask you are inhaling carbon dioxide, which is very dangerous. They also break down the immune system. The best way to get rid of and/or prevent a virus is to boost immunity, focus in on nutrition, proper supplementation, and getting some Sun. You want to consume a primarily plant-based diet packed with nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients, isothyocyanites, foods high in water content to send oxygen to cells, regenerate the cells, flush the blood, and get the lymph moving. Make sure all food is organic to avoid harmful pesticides and flesh eating bacteria.


Supplement with vitamin D and essential oils. Essential oils are mighty and power packed as they have the ability to get into the cellular wall and excavate a virus. Have you ever been told to take an antibiotic? Well the antibiotic gets rid of that clunky virus OUTSIDE of the cell, but essential oils get rid of the virus inside of the cells, causing the virus never to return again. I actually almost went blind in one eye with a virus that plagued me for years, and it has NEVER come back after changing my diet and used essential oils. You can watch the video HERE. Read more about immunity HERE.


Hug A Tree

You are similar to trees. Trees communicate with each other, they need essential oils to protect them from environmental toxins and airborne pathogens, and they grow and mature like we do in life. Hugging a tree is amazing for the root chakra. A chakra is an energy center in the body. It is above the pelvic bone. This is critical to keep grounded especially during this time where stress levels are extremely high. Remember you are frequency and vibration and trees communicate with frequency and vibration. Find a tree that vibrates with you or makes you feel exuberant. Hug it and even bring a journal to write down how you feel.



Putting your mental health on the back-burner can give way to food addiction to cope with mental angst and an array of mood disorders. It is imperative to be aware of how you are feeling every single day. I highly recommend this 4-Step method to eliminating the stressor HERE. This can provide you with mental clarity and make you feel lighter in mind, body, spirit, and soul.


Get A Coach

Do not ever hesitate to reach out to someone who can help you. You are never weak when you reach out to someone for help. In fact, you are strong. A strong person recognizes what is holding them back and takes the necessary steps to make breakthroughs. Sometimes in order to make breakthroughs you have to work with someone. A coach can act as a support for whatever you are dealing with. As a Holistic Health Coach and Certified Raw Food Educator I help people get rid of stress, lose weight, and create the life they deserve.


I utilize an individual, specific, advanced protocol that completely transforms people’s lives on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. My 3-month program Eat Stress Away has changed so many people’s lives. If you are interested in that and want to work with me from the comfort of your home you can SIGN UP HERE.


I hope these tips were helpful. Be a rebel and follow your intuition. Don’t be scared to come in contact with people if you have a healthy immune and respiratory system. When you boost immunity you do not have to worry about this. Make sure you hone in on your nutrition and make changes for your overall health, mental health included. Certain foods can negatively impact your mental health.


Hug a tree to feel grounded and at peace once again. Lower your cortisol levels, prevent depression and anxiety when you become one with nature. Journal your thoughts so you can feel a sense of relief, empowerment, and gain control of your divine balance. I would love to work with you if you are willing to not put a price limit on your health. My program is ONLY for the committed and those who are serious about changing their lives for the better. Clients have come to me during COVID-19 and have seen significant improvement in their mental health and overall health.


How have you been feeling with social isolation? Let me know in the comments!


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