Stop People Pleasing to Boost Your Energy

People pleasing is the act of going against your authenticity and your boundaries to please another person because you feel as though if you don’t do what makes them happy, they will get upset with you. People pleasing is something that many people partake in. Over the years I have come to realize that it stems from fear and a lack of boundaries.


Fear sets in when you feel as though you will lose people if you speak your truth and let them know that you don’t want to attend their party, their function, or hang out with them when they may want you to. Let’s say one of your friends wanted you to go to the movies, but you were absolutely exhausted and had loads of work.


Out of fear you may say “yes” to that friend. You may also fear that if you say “no” there will be a conflict. This is where overthinking comes in. You are already thinking of having a potential argument and an unsatisfactory outcome.


When you keep saying...

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How To Manage Your Time As A Mom


Whether you are a stay–at-home mom or a working mom managing your time can be difficult.  You are not only taking care of yourself, you are taking care of others.  When you do not have good time management you can feel stressed, overwhelmed, and extremely anxious.  There is a sense of not feeling balanced and not at peace.

As a mom many people are demanding of your time.  If you are married with children then your husband and your children require your time.  If you are not married, but have children then children require your time.  Add working on top of this, well many people need you.  However you need yourself as well.  Managing your time is a form of self care so you can visibly see where you can find time for yourself and others.

When you are able to manage your time you can feel clear-headed and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Everything you set out to do that day you were able to implement because you planned ahead...

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