Is Social Isolation From COVID-19 Causing You Stress? [Ways To Cope]

Jul 20, 2020

It has been about 4 months since many people have been in social isolation.  With all of the news scares going around it is no surprise to see that many people have been social distancing out of sheer fear.  You see all of these statistics on the news about how many people are dying of COVID-19 and instantly the cortisol levels of the population arise.


I personally have not been social distancing and I also do not believe the statistics shown on the news.  However I can empathize deeply with people around the world who's mental health has been greatly impacted by this.  I feel for people who are unfamiliar with: medical research, how viruses work, nutrition to boost immunity, and the false news narratives designed to instill fear in people.


People are doing as they are told because they believe that the news and people in so-called power recommending social distancing have their best interest at heart.  I thought about social distancing...

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Are you asking for permission to start a health-coaching program? Here is why you should stop

Jun 27, 2020

Investing in a health-coaching program may not seem ideal when you have tried every single coaching program on the planet and found that nothing worked for you. Maybe you have tried Weight Watcher’s. Maybe you have tried a 12-week program that included fitness and nutrition. Maybe you have tried a life-coaching program.   However when you left those programs you have felt completely bamboozled. You invested in those programs and saw absolutely no results.


Now you feel as though a program won’t work for you. Now you may not even trust yourself because the other programs didn’t work. You may feel tempted as many people are to consult with someone about your decision. Having a conversation with someone about a decision that you are in the process of making usually gives some sort of comfort. You feel as though you have made the right decision.


Someone has either encouraged you to join the program or discouraged you. Whether they are for or...

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5 Tips To Combat Seasonal Depression

Apr 17, 2020


Seasonal Depression is a condition that affects many people.  When there is a change in season and there is not a lot of sunlight this triggers depression and puts people in a depressive state.   Seasonal Depression is clinically referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  If you take the three first letters in Seasonal Affective Disorder it spells, “SAD”. 

When I see SAD I cannot help, but think of and relate it to the Standard American Diet.  The first three letters of the Standard American Diet are SAD as well.  Whether people agree with nutrition having a direct correlation with depression, it does not matter.   


There is scientific evidence that shows how poor nutrition affects mood negatively.  When the body does not get the necessary nutrients it needs to function it begins to malfunction.  When the body malfunctions there is an imbalance.  Depression comes from an imbalance of some...

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How To Manage Your Time As A Mom

Apr 17, 2020


Whether you are a stay–at-home mom or a working mom managing your time can be difficult.  You are not only taking care of yourself, you are taking care of others.  When you do not have good time management you can feel stressed, overwhelmed, and extremely anxious.  There is a sense of not feeling balanced and not at peace.

As a mom many people are demanding of your time.  If you are married with children then your husband and your children require your time.  If you are not married, but have children then children require your time.  Add working on top of this, well many people need you.  However you need yourself as well.  Managing your time is a form of self care so you can visibly see where you can find time for yourself and others.

When you are able to manage your time you can feel clear-headed and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Everything you set out to do that day you were able to implement because you planned ahead...

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Can Stress Eating Make You Leptin Resistant?

Apr 12, 2020

There is so much happening in the world right now and it can be tempting to eat due to stress. Stress eating is the act of putting food in your mouth due to an uncomfortable situation whether internal or external, which is causing you to eat in order to cope. Many people stress eat and I have even had a long history of stress eating. Instead of getting to the root cause and using other tools to deal with the emotional unrest I was dealing with I turned to food.

My favorite food to eat when I was stressed was cheesecake, lots of cheesecake, lavender and lemon cheesecake to be exact.  I would get an entire cheesecake, which was approximately 8 slices and almost eat the entire thing.  I looked at eating lots of food as a reward for everything I was dealing with.  Who can relate to this feeling?  It’s the thought that you put in your head to make the food you choose to put in your mouth a valid option for coping with your specific issue.

I kept...

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Are You Being Heard? [Your Husband Does Not Take Your Stress And Anxiety Seriously]

Apr 12, 2020


 It can feel isolating to have stress, depression, and anxiety.  Sometimes mental health issues are not recognized as a “true” illness.  It can be frustrating to wake up each and everyday feeling chronically unhappy, overwhelmed, drained, debilitated, and just not good.  It can be frustrating to feel all of these things and feel as if you are being dismissed because of it.

Some people have the mindset that only physical health issues are real and mental health issues are not.  This mindset really needs to change.  People are really suffering and their pain is real.  I struggled with depression, anxiety, stress, PMS for many, many years.  Trauma played a huge role in this process.  I will never forget when I was 11 years old watching “Dark Shadows” and not being able to get up off the couch.

I was so debilitated.  My stomach was having spasms, my tears stuck to my face and the sweat stuck my shirt to my...

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