Can Exercise Reduce Your Stress Levels?

Have you have ever heard that exercise is a drug or an anti-depressant?  Well there is no exaggeration there.  Exercise releases certain chemical responses in the body that people who are addicted to drugs crave.  Exercise is a much healthier alternative to substance abuse and dealing with stress.

It is something everyone should be doing on a daily basis.  It gets you moving and not living a sedentary lifestyle.  Exercise is crucial to the health of the lymphatic system.  Your lymphatic system is closely related to your immune system.  When you are moving and not allowing yourself to be sedentary you are giving your body a chance to flush out any toxins.

When toxic waste sits in the body it creates an inflammatory response, which can raise stress levels.  An inflammatory response can also be linked to imbalance in the body.  If you are healthy, the body can eliminate the toxins.

You want to make sure you are moving every single day. ...

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Can Stress Eating Make You Leptin Resistant?

There is so much happening in the world right now and it can be tempting to eat due to stress. Stress eating is the act of putting food in your mouth due to an uncomfortable situation whether internal or external, which is causing you to eat in order to cope. Many people stress eat and I have even had a long history of stress eating. Instead of getting to the root cause and using other tools to deal with the emotional unrest I was dealing with I turned to food.

My favorite food to eat when I was stressed was cheesecake, lots of cheesecake, lavender and lemon cheesecake to be exact.  I would get an entire cheesecake, which was approximately 8 slices and almost eat the entire thing.  I looked at eating lots of food as a reward for everything I was dealing with.  Who can relate to this feeling?  It’s the thought that you put in your head to make the food you choose to put in your mouth a valid option for coping with your specific issue.

I kept...

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