Are you asking for permission to start a health-coaching program? Here is why you should stop

Investing in a health-coaching program may not seem ideal when you have tried every single coaching program on the planet and found that nothing worked for you. Maybe you have tried Weight Watcher’s. Maybe you have tried a 12-week program that included fitness and nutrition. Maybe you have tried a life-coaching program.   However when you left those programs you have felt completely bamboozled. You invested in those programs and saw absolutely no results.


Now you feel as though a program won’t work for you. Now you may not even trust yourself because the other programs didn’t work. You may feel tempted as many people are to consult with someone about your decision. Having a conversation with someone about a decision that you are in the process of making usually gives some sort of comfort. You feel as though you have made the right decision.


Someone has either encouraged you to join the program or discouraged you. Whether they are for or...

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Can Exercise Reduce Your Stress Levels?

Have you have ever heard that exercise is a drug or an anti-depressant?  Well there is no exaggeration there.  Exercise releases certain chemical responses in the body that people who are addicted to drugs crave.  Exercise is a much healthier alternative to substance abuse and dealing with stress.

It is something everyone should be doing on a daily basis.  It gets you moving and not living a sedentary lifestyle.  Exercise is crucial to the health of the lymphatic system.  Your lymphatic system is closely related to your immune system.  When you are moving and not allowing yourself to be sedentary you are giving your body a chance to flush out any toxins.

When toxic waste sits in the body it creates an inflammatory response, which can raise stress levels.  An inflammatory response can also be linked to imbalance in the body.  If you are healthy, the body can eliminate the toxins.

You want to make sure you are moving every single day. ...

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How To Feel Deserving

If you struggle with feeling deserving of all the good things in life you are not alone. Many people feel this way and for very specific reasons. Some people have experienced traumas that have made them feel so bad to the point where anything good feels foreign to them. Some people have experienced situations where every time something good happened to them someone put down their accomplishments and made them feel small.


When people treat you poorly or minimize your accomplishments it is super easy to not feel deserving. Those feelings of guilt creep in. You no longer feel worthy because someone made you feel less than. You feel as though good things are for people better than you. It is because of this mindset that you and many others sabotage the goodness that tries to enter their lives.


These are common behaviors and typical when abuse or neglect of some sort occurs. According to the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice there is a relationship...

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