Are you asking for permission to start a health-coaching program? Here is why you should stop

Investing in a health-coaching program may not seem ideal when you have tried every single coaching program on the planet and found that nothing worked for you. Maybe you have tried Weight Watcher’s. Maybe you have tried a 12-week program that included fitness and nutrition. Maybe you have tried a life-coaching program.   However when you left those programs you have felt completely bamboozled. You invested in those programs and saw absolutely no results.


Now you feel as though a program won’t work for you. Now you may not even trust yourself because the other programs didn’t work. You may feel tempted as many people are to consult with someone about your decision. Having a conversation with someone about a decision that you are in the process of making usually gives some sort of comfort. You feel as though you have made the right decision.


Someone has either encouraged you to join the program or discouraged you. Whether they are for or...

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