Is Social Isolation From COVID-19 Causing You Stress? [Ways To Cope]

Jul 20, 2020

It has been about 4 months since many people have been in social isolation.  With all of the news scares going around it is no surprise to see that many people have been social distancing out of sheer fear.  You see all of these statistics on the news about how many people are dying of COVID-19 and instantly the cortisol levels of the population arise.


I personally have not been social distancing and I also do not believe the statistics shown on the news.  However I can empathize deeply with people around the world who's mental health has been greatly impacted by this.  I feel for people who are unfamiliar with: medical research, how viruses work, nutrition to boost immunity, and the false news narratives designed to instill fear in people.


People are doing as they are told because they believe that the news and people in so-called power recommending social distancing have their best interest at heart.  I thought about social distancing...

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5 Ways To Boost Immunity

Apr 17, 2020

Having a healthy immune system is imperative to achieving optimal health and improving quality of life.  When the immune system is healthy the body can fight off airborne pathogens.  It provides great defense against pathogenic organisms.  An immune system serves as a protective barrier.  It identifies and eliminates what it needs to support the body’s natural defenses.  The immune system is similar to that of a surveillance camera.  It is always watching.  Every part of the body is being watched by the immune system.  It consists of the lymphatic system, bone marrow, spleen, skin, bloodstream, thymus, lymph nodes, and mucosal tissue.  Immunity may not perform the same tasks as the liver or the heart, but it consumes enormous resources, which produces the large number of cells that it depends on for optimal function. White blood cells and red blood cells are important to cultivating a healthy immune system.


White blood cells...

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