5 Tips To Combat Seasonal Depression


Seasonal Depression is a condition that affects many people.  When there is a change in season and there is not a lot of sunlight this triggers depression and puts people in a depressive state.   Seasonal Depression is clinically referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder.  If you take the three first letters in Seasonal Affective Disorder it spells, “SAD”. 

When I see SAD I cannot help, but think of and relate it to the Standard American Diet.  The first three letters of the Standard American Diet are SAD as well.  Whether people agree with nutrition having a direct correlation with depression, it does not matter.   


There is scientific evidence that shows how poor nutrition affects mood negatively.  When the body does not get the necessary nutrients it needs to function it begins to malfunction.  When the body malfunctions there is an imbalance.  Depression comes from an imbalance of some...

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