Is It That You Can't Afford Health Coaching? OR Is Health Not A Priority?

When I hear "I can't afford holistic health coaching" I actually cringe...

Here's why: As a holistic health coach I know how important it is to not only eat healthy, but live a healthy lifestyle. If both those areas are lacking in any way I know DISEASE, DEATH, and/or extremely poor quality of life is inevitable




When I hear "I can't afford holistic health coaching" immediately I hear "I am not going to put myself first" AND "My health has to take a backseat". Let me tell you I have been there where I put my health on the back burner. Back when I was traveling and doing various speaking engagements I did not pay attention to my health as much. I knew my body needed rest. I knew my body wanted to eat certain foods, but I kept going against it, until ONE day it started to gradually shut down. My liver was damaged, my kidneys were not able to flush anything out, and because my body could not process protein, I started to smell like bleach.



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