Eat Stress Away Program

Learn my step-by-step proven process to take your health to the next level so you can drop the pounds, get rid of stress, gain your energy back, and create the life you love.

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Build A Nutritional Foundation + Holistic Lifestyle

Discover the 6-step method that will get you to reduce stress, drop those stubborn pounds, and give you the life you deserve.  All of the most successful  clients create actionable goals with predictable results using a few essential tools and processes.

The Eat Stress Away Program will guide you through the 6 Modules of Nutrition + Holistic Wellness so that you never have to worry about being stressed, gaining weight, lacking energy, and living a life you absolutely hate EVER again.



Module 1 – Basic Nutrition, Dieting Dangers, + Myths

After this training, you will have a clear understanding of why simply eating nutrient-dense, plant-based foods can help you live a healthier lifestyle. You will have an action plan that will hold you accountable and allow you to gain momentum on a consistent basis


Module 2 – Grocery Shopping + Time Management

Gain the ability to read food labels so you can choose which foods are going to aid in your health success. You will be given a grocery list that can be utilized every store visit. You will learn the importance of time management, meal spacing, and will have an action plan that will allow you to implement your new schedule on a daily basis


Module 3 – Food Addicition + Self Love

Develop a clear understanding of what food addiction is and how to avoid it all costs. Discover the power of self love and its importance in cultivating boundaries and continuous self empowerment.


Module 4 – Exercise

After completing this module, you will be able to understand the correlation between exercise and nutrition and how meal spacing, intermittent fasting in particular plays a role in energizing the body, turning the body into a fat burning machine, and the necessity to implement this into your daily life.


Module 5 – Creation Dreamer's Life

Through the process of journaling you will learn exactly what living a life with purpose looks like. You will began to carve out exactly how you want each day to look like and you will start to gradually implement all things on that list.


Module 6 – Living The Life You Love

After you’ve got all the foundations in place, it’s time to put all of the necessary components together that you have learned throughout this program and take control of your health and your life. You now have the tools to live life stress free, filled with energy, and consistently live the life you love, while eating your favorite foods.


The Eat Stress Away Program was designed to help stressed and overworked professional, openminded women get rid of their stress, drop the pounds, get their energy back, and create the life they love through nutrition and lifestyle techniques without sacrificing their food faves and what they love doing. The program is delivered through digital modules, interactive exercises, online communities, audio teaching, and live coaching sessions in both one-on-one and group formats. You’ll get ongoing coaching, support, and health and lifestyle development spanning 3 full months! Here’s exactly what you’ll get:



The complete Eat Stress Away digital training library and resource center. Yes, that is forever access! These high impact training modules and action-packed assignments will lay the foundation for everything that you will be building over the next 3 months. The right training can save you years of wasted time and frustration!



Direct one-on-one access to a coach and mentor to help keep you focused, grounded, accountable, and to clarify your next steps. In the same way that you keep your children on track, your coach will keep you on track to hitting your health and wellness goals!



Get motivated and inspired in your group coaching sessions with high impact teaching, live talks, webinars, followed by Q & A. Need help with something specific? Hit a plateau? No problem!

There are always plenty of available sessions, so you’ll never be without support.



For all those times when you have no clue what to make and want to haul ass to the drive-thru.  Save yourself the health distress and enjoy your favorite meals with my meal plans that will NEVER deprive you of the foods you love!  Gain clarity as to what is holding you back and get some insight on what you need to do to propel you forward with worksheets, guides, self-help books, and an abundance of resources.



For all those quick chats, daily inspiration, and urgent questions, you’ll have access to Avishai in the palm of your hand, or anywhere with an internet connection. Don’t wait to celebrate hitting your first milestone in the coaching program, share it with the community right away and feel the positive vibes!



As you build your nutritional knowledge base and carve out your schedule to alleviate stress, why not also enjoy learning some new skills that can keep you calm and balanced to use in your everyday life! At this 3-day live event, we’ll not only hone in on your nutrition, but Avishai will give you advanced training in stress protocols and time management as well as crystal healing and meditation techniques.


***Bring your Foody Moodie Journals and a Create Your Life Notebook to jot down some solid, crucial, notes that will bring the fun back into your life!***


In this course you will learn advanced protocols using nutrition and energy healing so you can keep your body in balance.



Will I reduce my stress within the first 14 days?


While this varies from person to person you are certainly able to reduce your stress within the first 14 days if you follow the guidance of Avishai and consistently implement what is given to you in your coaching assignments. 



Will I lose weight?


Yes not only will you lose weight, but you will keep it off.  This is really an individually based question.  If you follow the meal plans, recipes, guidance, and are willing to uncover possible food addictions, and emotional attachments to food this should be NO issue.



Is this program flexible with my schedule?


Yes it was purposely designed that way.  You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the digital training library where you'll find video trainings that you can watch repeatedly.  Any group coaching calls will be recorded and you will be able to access this via Membership portal.  Go at your own pace, but implement what is given to you on a weekly basis.

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Speak with me, a Certified Raw Food Educator and Holistic Health Coach personally and I will see if this coaching program is a right fit for you.

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