I am an International Best-Selling Author of the book, “The Power of Why: Why 23 Women Took The Leap To Start Their Business”. I am a Certified Raw Food Educator, Holistic Health Coach, Healer, Lifestyle Expert, Blogger, and Podcast Host of Avi Unfiltered Podcast. People know me as being Founder of Avi an organic, vegan, cruelty free personal brand and my Eat Stress Away Program as well. 5 years ago is when I stepped into my true purpose of being a Holistic Health Coach, Certified Raw Food Educator, and healer. Since then I have helped countless lives all over the world through in-person and online coaching.


When I went to become a health coach I was deathly sick and was actually advised not to attend. I was overweight, my hair would not grow for three years, my skin was grayish due to liver damage, but I wanted answers. I figured if I had answers I could help myself. I was also seeking more peace in my life and seeing how I could offer it to others.


Once I graduated from The Raw Food Institute and I first started coaching I wanted to help terminally ill patients, people who were chronically ill, and people with autoimmune diseases for free. I was very excited to have mastered natural healing and proud to have it under my belt. Sharing it with the world was something I was passionate about. Once I left school I said, “Oh my goodness I could help so many people.” That is exactly what I did.


I helped cancer patients shrink their tumors, people get rid of high blood pressure, people get rid of gallbladder disease, babies get off of respirators in the hospital, and even people who had paralysis walk again. I have traveled to accept awards for holistic medicine and for years traveled to teach on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. It is an absolute joy to be well versed in weight loss, ancient alchemy/holistic medicine, trauma healing, natural healing, and holistic health.


Throughout my years of health coaching I started noticing that a certain type of client was drawn to me and how I was able to help them. It was the open-minded, empathic, professional, and entrepreneurial woman who was looking to get rid of stress, drop the pounds, and create the life they deserve. I discovered that people who were similar to how I used to be prior to transforming my life were drawn to me. They had trauma and I was no stranger to trauma.


You are looking at a survivor of: sexual abuse, domestic abuse, car accidents, endometriosis, burns, Suspected Mast Cell Leukemia, Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 6, and Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Type 1. I am now thriving and helping women all over the world thrive. Due to the drain and toll on my health I decided to turn my focus from helping the terminally ill to teaching open-minded, empathic, professional, and entrepreneurial women how to get rid of their stress, drop those pounds, create the life they deserve through nutritional and lifestyle changes without sacrificing their food favorites and authenticity.


Gifted as an Earth Angel and spiritual healer, with intuitive gifts, I utilize my gifts to help my clients transform their lives for the better. Eye have a deep knowing of what they need can intuitively, and spiritually guide them through this process of holistic health, wellness, and empowerment.


I have helped several clients with their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. I have seen those with symptoms of depression and anxiety completely get rid of it and find their path in life with my help. However there are so many more women out there that need my coaching. They are struggling to make time for themselves, they don't put themselves first, they have a lot on their plate and the stress and overwhelm continues to build. This has serious health risk and can cause a variety of inflammatory diseases.


I know what it is like to live a life where you don't feel balanced. You so badly want to find your center and can't. I discovered that in order to feel balanced I had to get to the root of what was causing me to feel that way. It was not only a mental health issue, but a physical, emotional, and spiritual issue as well. All areas were lacking balance and harmony. I know what it is like to work a job you absolutely hate, but feel you can't leave because you don't know any other way to support yourself.


Your dreams take a back seat don't they? I am here to tell you that they don't have to. Once I was able to leave my corporate job, it led me down a path of freedom and peace. This path is possible for you. I want to help you create your dream life utilizing nutritional and lifestyle techniques.


If you are ready to drop those pounds, get rid of stress, get your energy back, and create the life you absolutely love, you must first be open to it. Your mindset has to first say, I can. This is the first step. I am looking forward to coaching you and helping you achieve optimal health and the life you deserve.

- Avishai El




  • I am a vegan for myself, the animals, and the planet
  • I am a fighter for Human Rights
  • I am an avid minimalist
  • I love black, grey, and white clothing
  • Design is something I love
  • Barbells are my favorite
  • Occasionally I do burpees in Whole Foods
  • I am kind, but take no shit at no time